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Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 5 litres
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Asta Oil

Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 5 litres

Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 5 litres
Superior quality NOT filtered EVO.
Superior quality NOT filtered EVO oil with notes of grass and artichoke. It is obtained by the simple pressing of mostly green olives or at veraison.

The absence of further processing than the simple conservation in stainless steel silos with rarefied oxygen, gives the product a typical translucent green/yellow-gold color which gradually fades over the months.

Usually already from the month of May / June this turbidity is lost to assume a greater clarity without losing the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. Such oil contains one of the highest concentrations of polyphenols. Suitable for condiments of raw and cooked foods with exaltation of the aromas of both first courses and second courses based on meat or fish.

bAsta extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Nocellara cultivar grown in western Sicily./b

Average altitude of the olive groves: 300 meters

Collection: Manual

Extraction: cold

Filtration: natural settling

Fruity on the nose: Medium/Intense

Olive harvest period: October - November

state of maturation: just sent

storage: Steel tanks "under nitrogen"

Brand: Olio Asta

Production year: 2023

Cultivars: Nocellara

Production area: Western Sicily

Format: 5 litres

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Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 3 litres
40.00 € 36,00
Dried Tomato Paté (200 gr)
4.90 € 4,51
Paté of Green Olive Castelvetrano Nocellara (180 gr)
4.60 € 4,51
Paté of Black Olives of Castelvetrano Nocellara (180 gr)
4.70 € 4,51
Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 5 litres
66.00 € 60,06
Complete kit of Pate
13.60 € 12,51
Green Olives of Castelvetrano Nocellara in Brine (560 gr)
5.20 € 4,89
Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicilia 750ml (6 bottles)
69.90 € 65,01
Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 250ml
5.30 € 4,88
Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicily 750ml
11.90 € 10,95
Black Olives of Sicily Nocellara in Brine Castelvetrano (560 gr)
5.50 € 4,90
Asta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nocellara Sicilia Bag in Box 5 litres
68.00 € 62,56
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